Hong Kong crackdown

07.07.07: THERE WAS fresh bloodshed on the streets of Hong Kong today as students marked the 10th anniversary of the former British colony's integration into China with renewed pro-democracy protests.

Seven protesters died and hundreds were wounded as Beijing ordered a crackdown after months of peaceful demonstrations and calls for independence.

In Beijing, there are reports of more factory shutdowns around the country, with urban workers joining the student protests.

This may take the form of power-sharing, stopping short of a full democratic system. As industry grinds to a halt in a number of provinces, there are signs that the government is preparing for significant constitutional change.

In London, civil rights campaigners have been seeking government intervention in the sale of arms to China.

Beijing recently ordered a large consignment of high-powered, roof-based CCTV sniper rifles and a cyberdrone pilotless helicopter that locates human targets in riots.

"Britain now leads global trade in repressive surveillance technologies," said one campaigner.