Veiled threat to US assets

10.05.12: THE FIRST convention of the New Islamic Alliance got off to a dramatic start today with a press conference featuring the alliance's women's chapter.

This was a theatrical affair, in which women wearing different types of veils pledged to 'protect our traditions and way of life'.

But it was not clear whether their target audience was the western infidels to whom they referred so frequently, or their own male rank and file.

Back at the negotiating table, Middle Eastern leaders were busy putting their signatures to the charter for the New Islamic Alliance. Observers expect that the alliance's first move will be to seize US assets from Libya to Bangladesh, until the US army withdraws from Saudi Arabia.

But experts are more worried by reports that the alliance is likely to endorse President Hassan of Algeria's plea to 'all Islamic brothers in the West' to continue the bomb threats and protests that have now forced America to reduce its embassies to skeleton staffs.

The US military presence in Saudi has doubled since it moved in last year to support the pro-western secularist Muhammad Nayef in his coup against Fuad Bakhamis, the anti-West Islamist premier.

Although the US claims it is in Saudi by invitation, its presence has caused fury across the Islamic world. According to press releases issued by the alliance, the result has been to turn the bitterest of historic enemies into fervent allies. MF