Olympic athlete is on the run

23.09.13: THE SPRINTER Dave Wilson has been stripped of his Olympic gold medals, it was confirmed last night.

This follows reports that he has been using nanorobots to enhance his performance. Wilson was the first man to break the 'unbreakable' nine-second 100m record.

'Sports cheats have had to come up with more ingenious ways of cheating since our drug tests have become virtually infallible,' commented a test spokesman, 'but we were pretty surprised at this.'

It is thought that Wilson had hundreds of nanorobots injected into his body. The microscopic devices, each one smaller than a grain of sand, were equipped with a tiny motor and flaps designed to boost the sprinter's blood flow. This allowed more oxygen to be delivered to his muscles than is naturally possible.

It is also believed that the devices were able to store excess oxygen when the athlete was not running. The nanorobots' engines then pumped out these reserves as required.

'It's the equivalent of having an extra lung,' said the official. 'I must admit I was taken in by Wilson's cover story of hard training and meditation, but I did wonder why his tough workouts before big races didn't tire him.

'We think he was using these workouts to increase his blood pressure so that the nanorobots would kick in when the race started.

'The use of nanorobots explains why a guy who was rarely off the blocks first could make up so much distance in the last two-thirds of a race.'

The Olympic Committee made the shock discovery during a random blood test. The disgraced sprinter is in hiding as investigators search for the creator of the nanorobots. SH