Maggie miffed

22.11.16: WASHINGTON airport staff stood firm yesterday as Baroness Thatcher tried to avoid their new density analysis camera.

The camera scans each traveller digitally, then works out the parameters of their clothing and x-rays it, allowing the operator to view the person in the nude.

Arriving at Washington airport, the 91-year-old former Tory leader said she was shocked to discover that she would have to walk through the new machine like everyone else.

Customs officers praise the system's ability to reveal concealed weapons or drugs. Thatcher, however, was outraged: "I am appalled that a lady of my age and standing should be subjected to such a horrific experience. We feel violated and are not amused."

  • Privacy ­ and different attitudes to it in the United States and Europe ­ is threatening to trigger a trade war. Brussels has blocked a group of American firms from trading in Europe until they sign the European Union's proposed global privacy agreement.
  • The GPA protects consumers' credit details and online spending data. Victory for Europe looks certain since the EU is now America's biggest market. Civil rights groups in the US are backing the long-awaited initiative. SC

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