Terror worms way onto Net

20.09.19: A DEVASTATING computer virus that crippled the Internet for almost 24 hours finally appears to have been brought under control.

But questions are being asked about how the Internet has become so vulnerable to such attacks.

Critics said Infinity, the Russian software installed on two billion computers worldwide, may be to blame for permitting "transparent throughput" of virus code embedded in television transmissions.

But a spokesman for K, the Russian company responsible for Infinity, said she blamed the spread of the virus on the failure of other companies' protection packages.

The Internet crash was caused by a new kind of virus described as a "worm" because of its ability to wriggle through networks, attacking tens of thousands of computers simultaneously. Responsibility for the virus was claimed by the Internet Liberation Front, who say they are acting in defence of a democratic Internet.

The Internet Freedom Foundation, which fights for open access and has received a huge grant from K's founder, Kyra Alysen, refuses to condemn those responsible. JM