The list is made up of...397 men, 103 women

The top five

Tom Packer
Packaging; £22bn
The appropriately named Packer, 57, has made Pack 'Em Better Packaging one of the world's most successful companies.

Dr Konstantin Byers
Pharmaceuticals; £16bn
The Cambridge bio-med genius, 53, owns the patent to the bestselling drug Cognovin, which boosts intelligence levels.

David Beckham & Victoria Adams
Entertainment; £15bn
The former footballer and Spice Girl, now in their mid-forties, promote concerts and sports events through their company D&A Entertainment.

Luke Johnson
Entrepeneur; £6.8bn
Johnson, 57, earned a tidy sum from his international Belgo Group of restaurants. But early investment in CVS (Computerised Vision System) has topped that up handsomely.

Stella McCartney
Fashion; £6.5bn
Resigning after a decade as head of the Yves Saint Laurent house, McCartney, 48, has made more than her Beatle father ever did from her fashion emporium Stellar Skies, quoted on the Internet stock market.

The surprise is:
Cat Cando
Film technology; £2.7bn
In 12th place, Cando, 39, pharmaceutical whizz, was the brains behind the disposable Skin Screen for videodiscs, developed by her engineering partner.