Homing in on a better body

19.09.20: THE PERFECT body could soon be created in the comfort of your own living room after the successful launch of the UltimateBody holographic system, developed by Dr Andrew Legg at his renowned London Plasticity clinic.

The system uses a laser scanner to create a copy of the entire body, which is then enhanced by software that works with the user to create their ideal face and form. The system uses Dr Legg's formula for the perfect proportions between parts of the body. Variations can be made to meet the client's particular requests.

'Cosmetic surgery has been hit or miss for too long,' said Dr Legg. 'This system allows users to choose what they want, and to see exactly how they will look.'

Once a body and face have been decided on, the data are downloaded to Plasticity's computers and the information fed to the robots that carry out the surgery. Tiny instruments fed into the patient's body through small incisions are moved inside the patient using magnetic forces controlled by the computer. The system can either remove fat or simply place synthetic muscle into areas needing more definition. MP