Girls shanghai the top jobs

19.05.23: WORKING WOMEN are shattering the 'china ceiling' in Shanghai and other big urban centres.

But women's success in the cities is opening up deep social and economic divisions across China.

Western-educated staff, half of whom are now women, are in great demand in the flourishing southeast, the lower Yangtze region and around ever expanding Greater Shanghai.

Young Chinese women are achieving rapid political promotion in the urban centres under a supportive democratic system.

Western companies are contributing to the region's success by their continuing presence. They require a constant supply of English-speaking employees.

But their success is now triggering cultural conflicts as the earnings gap between those in the cities and the countryside widens. There is a mass migration to the cities as rural areas continue to be underfunded.

Corruption in government and resistance to paying taxes in the countryside is threatening a new cultural revolution. PF