Virgin on the ridiculous

17.06.24: MADONNA stormed back into the world wide web charts with The Assumption, her first album since 2019.

She also announced that next year she will perform The Assumption in concert at Ephesus, Turkey. This will definitely be her final public performance. Ephesus was the site of the original Madonna's assumption to heaven.

The music reflects the singer's return to the Catholic church, a process that culminated in Pope Joseph inviting her to join the Vatican advisory committee. At 65, the material girl turned earth mother has reinvented herself for the 2020s.

Thanks to cosmetic remodelling, Madonna, now a grandmother, has worn well. Her daughter, Lola, 27, who is raising her young twins while heading the Maverick Entertainment Channel, has rights to her mother's final performance, which is being described as a "musical revelation". RD

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