A second bite at perfect teeth

10.10.26: DAEMON SEED, the lead singer of Dracula's Mummy, the chart-topping, gothic-techno-funk revival band, has teeth to scream for.

While other horror fans are content with false ones, Seed has grown fangs that would make Count Dracula crawl back into his coffin.

He volunteered for a trial at Guy's Hospital in London where researchers are experimenting with inserting into the gums the genes that control tooth growth.

'Some chicks just beg me to bite them,' boasted Seed at a press conference as he showed off an inch and a quarter of gleaming curved enamel.

Researchers were keen to point out the medical background as well. 'We've known about the genes that control the growth of different types of tooth for some years,' explained Dr Robin West of Guy's Hospital. 'Now we are running trials to see how far we can manipulate the genes to vary the shape.'

In Seed's case, his gum was injected with a protein called BMP-4, which inhibits the gene that makes teeth develop as molars.

'Mr Seed was happy for us to use much larger doses than most people would feel comfortable with,' said Dr West.

Within a few years this research should allow patients to throw away their dentures. 'Gene therapy will enable us to regrow teeth that have fallen or been knocked out,' said Dr West. JB