The top 5 books

Food for Free
R Mabey
Republished on the 50th anniversary of its first appearance, Mabey's cult classic evokes an age when hedgerows flourished.

Civil Adultery
W Duckworth
A look at how today's families have coped with the new 'shotgun wedding' laws and the curbs on divorce after children.

Dealing with DNA
Dr O Forster
A self-help manual aimed at parents of children with problematic DNA profiles.

Harnessing the Power of Astro-Kinetics
Reverend T Bullabong
Expounding the theories of the 29th Havana Heavenly Commune, Rev Bullabong presents a cogent case for galactic spiritualism.

Delia Does it Again
Delia Smith
The octogenarian cook writes a popular guide to basic shopping: how to find good food sources.

The top 4 toys

Action Army:
toy soldiers that plan their own wars

a popular 3-D hologram game

create your own designs on-screen and laser-cut them in plastic