The list is made up of... 270 men, 230 women

The top 5

Cronos Williams
Non-genetically-modifying food factories; E$35bn
At 58, Williams has captured the organic food market with his authentic food farms conglomerate.

Roman Dass-Curzon
Bio-electrics; E$34.2bn
Dass-Curzon, 39, became rich from his Optical Verification Box, which checks iris patterns against the exclusive database held by his company, IC-IT.

James Clayton
Environmental business; E$34bn
Clayton, 53, dominates the industrial waste disposal market through his firm, PollControl. He made his fortune from providing Third World dumping sites.

Carlo Vacheron
Online gaming; E$33.75bn
Vacheron, 45, has a 35% stake in Universe Games.
He plans to build on his murdered brother's empire with a school-linked system.

Sangeeta Shah
Niche banking; E$31.8bn
Southall-born Shah, 44, is a niche banking specialist. Her package for contract workers - the workforce's biggest sector - includes pre-natal life cover and anti-ageing insurance.

The surprise is:
Kylie O'Hare and Brad Donnelly

Education; E$1.7bn
This couple in their mid-40s found managing IT needs in the education sector to be lucrative. Their US company, ZincInc, is consolidating its British expan