Special K

07.12.32: KYRA ALYSEN, the world's wealthiest person, has announced plans for an amazing new project that will revolutionise the virtual-reality industry.

In a rare interview, the reclusive Russian-born Alysen said she is preparing to open a digital studio in a series of large geodesic structures on an island site in the Gulf of Finland. The structures are to be environmentally self-sustaining and will be linked to the mainland by an elevated railway powered by a tidal generator.

The entertainments complex will house virtual-reality stages for the production of programmes that Ms Alysen describes as 'the successor to movies'. These involve techniques called 'synchs', which produce results far beyond existing virtual reality.

The breakthrough for viewers, who are also participants, is that sensory stimuli and narrative will merge into a 'dream-like and entirely convincing' experience.

K-developed software is now so advanced in its artificial intelligence that it is able to create entirely realistic situations - that is, dynamic scenarios in real time with self-sustaining narrative continuity.

'Our facility will mean you can have a conversation with anyone you like, even Nietzsche - and you'll be convinced that you have met him,' Alysen explained. JM