Good times, bad bills

12.10.38: ONLY FOUR DECADES ago, a big night out on the town could pack in several events and still leave you change from £100, or E$130 as it would be now.

Comparing the costs for a couple in their thirties shows how inflation and seismic economic change have raised prices. (£1=E$1.3)

1998 Two Tube tickets from north London to centre of town: £2.40; taxi home plus tip: £10.50
2038 Two tickets on the Bullet train: E$8; Supercab, a pod-like vehicle with self-program box to select the best route home: E$34

Evening drinks
1998 Two pints of beer and crisps: £5
2038 Vitamin drinks in mock revolving rooftop bar: E$16.50; plus H2Now, the serotonin-enhancing pill: E$33

1998 Dinner at Pizza Express: two courses: £41.75
2038 Organic meal via punch-in service panel: two dishes, plus wine: E$136

1998 West End cinema: £18
2038 The Empire, Leicester Square, a retro 1890s music hall: E$58.50

1998 £20
2038 E$65

1998 £97.65
2038 E$340 (£262)

1998 £20,000 pa
2038 E$90,000 pa (£69,230 pa) RD