The top 5 books

Delia's Lunar Tricks:
Delia Smith
A galaxy of recipes inspired by woman's conquest of space, from rock cakes to Martian mallows

Eco-Tourism for Families:
Nicholas Forster
Eco package holidays, from dam-building to replanting the rainforest

I Am a Camera:
Charles Gray
Scientist logs how drugs and meditation alter his brain

How to Decode Your Own Genome:
Horace Wallace
Know your own genes

Chloe Ashe
One woman's journey from 'synthetic spirituality' to good old 'organic' Buddhism

The top 5 toys

Throw it up and, thanks to air jets, it waits for you to catch up

Space crayons:
Draw in the air and leave a trail of fine plastic that can be formed into 3-D sculptures

Sit down and activate the built-in screen for a link to the Web wherever you go

Light sabre:
Cut clean through stuff à la Star Wars - strictly for adults

GPS watch:
Locate your friends at a glance