The list is made up of... 279 men, 221 women

The top five

Kyra Alysen
Software intelligence; E$1.5 trillion
At 44, the world's wealthiest person and the driving force behind global giant K; runs state software systems in the Council of the Islands (Britain, Scotland and Ireland).

Corolla Brandenburg
Biomanufacturing; E$200bn
The 51-year-old head of the No Time Zone range looks half her age, unsurprisingly, as her products tighten the epidermis on contact with air and plump up the dermis.

Joe Vasanthakomarum
Net business; E$189bn
The 46-year-old's Vasan Timesave Globe holds the majority stake in the Bangalore-London computing alliance for work contracted out by small businesses in England.

Emmanuel Hilton
Industry; E$171bn
Hilton, 57, buys up obsolete industrial plants in war-torn nations and turns them over to making holographic micro-boxes.

Pietro Rabanne
Biotech-med; £163bn
Rabanne, 59, is the major shareholder in Net Medic, the online medical experts who run virtual clinics.

The surprise is:

Saira-Hanna Khan
Security; E$1.4 billion
Khan's private army of techno-enhanced female bodyguards was an unlikely contender for commercial success but the global franchise is growing rapidly, putting her in 290th place.

The top four categories are:
Net leisure. Tech