Mind control: who'd have thought it?

11.10.40: ST-TV AND SONY today launch Britain's first mind-control television system, which allows users to watch any film or programme from the Sunday Times archive simply by thinking of a scene.

The system involves a headband that monitors the user's brainwaves. Software developed by the US Air Force converts the signals into a high-resolution picture of what the user is thinking about. The system is sensitive enough to pick up individual scenes from news stories, articles and books, which it then retrieves instantly.

Users can also choose a film simply by thinking of the genre they wish to watch. The system will offer a choice of releases or archived films that match their preference.

According to ST-TV's programming chief, Jane Court, the system will allow access to unlimited viewing.

"Personalised television is not a new concept but this is a truly liberating technology," she explained. "Ever since digital TV was introduced in 1998, people have complained about the sheer volume of choice. By having a personalised channel, the viewer will see only what they want to."

The technology has also been adopted by toy manufacturers. Insiders disclose that they are developing toy soldiers that can marshal themselves into regiments and will act upon orders received by mind control.

Sony, which makes the mind-control TV unit, hopes to have 500,000 sets on sale in Britain next month. Advance shipments have sold out despite the E$7,000 price tag. MP

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