Science defeats malaria at a Snip

21.12.43: MALARIA has claimed its last victim, according to Bryony Connolly, chairwoman of the World Wellbeing Organisation.

Saliva screening of the entire population of North Ghana, the last country to harbour the disease, has shown that there were no new infections in 2043.

Professor Connolly said that the European School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine had discovered the Snip virus (Spondweni non-invasive plasmodium) that eradicated mosquitoes. Thirty years ago malaria was killing 10m people every year. But it took an epidemic in Paris in 2024 to prompt the Global Federation to provide the funding for a planet-wide eradication programme.

Using the distribution network of global drinks giant Colasoft, virus-infected mosquitoes were sent to the far corners of the planet to infect local mosquitoes and wipe them out. VC

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