The force won't be with you

14.05.47: THE CIVIL liberties group Civic gave a cautious welcome to government proposals for substantial cuts in the police force.

But Jack Gibson, the group's chairman, said that such cuts could lead to the wholesale disbanding of the democratic policing system and a further increase in private security forces.

Dismissing his concerns, the home secretary, Sean Howard, said that the government had no plans to replace the local management of policing. "However, computer fraud, which represents the major crime growth area, requires more than a police presence on the street," he said.

There has been a significant drop in recidivism rates for theft, violent crime and sex offences, Howard pointed out. He confirmed that the policy of reform would continue, despite protests from ex-offenders who claim that genetic therapy, the alternative to prison, is a clear breach of human rights. Civic is backing the protests. PF

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