Such a beautiful doll

01.04.49: 'REAL' MUPPETS were released on the market yesterday by the Jim Henson Company.

The toys, described as the ultimate dolls, are based on the characters in the company's enduring 20th-century television show.

Animatronics enable the 60cm-tall toys to move exactly like the show's characters. Artificial intelligence and voice synthesis software has analysed 70 years of video footage to create a virtual character that reacts in the same way as would the television character.

Tom Henson, the company's head, said the toys will give children a friend wherever they go. 'Real Muppets will be more than a toy: they will play games, help with homework and even go for walks. It's always been every child's dream to have a Kermit or Miss Piggy of their own - now they can.'

Be that as it may, at E$1,000 the dolls are strictly a luxury toy. MP

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