Man tries to regain Eden

11.09.49: PEOPLE ON the nightside of the Earth were yesterday treated to what appeared to be the the birth of a new 'star' as the starship Genesis fired its explosive main drive 1m kilometres beyond the moon.

Genesis is heading for Eden, the Earth-like planet first detected in 2021 near star 47 in the Ursa Major constellation.

Powered by antimatter-matter annihilation, the most efficient fuel combination imaginable, the unmanned Genesis probe will reach half the speed of light, or 150,000 kilometres per second, which makes it the fastest vehicle ever built. Even so, the voyage to Eden will take 92 years.

Dr David Marcy, a project scientist, says: 'Forty-six years later, the first pictures will arrive back at Earth and my great-great- grandchildren will know once and for all the nature of life on Eden.' MC

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