Step-by-step guide to accessing the interactive features of Chronicle of the Future

Select one of two options: Live Debate or Online Forum

To take part in the live debate

Click on Live Debate. You will be presented with a small window. Click on "Nickname" and enter the name you wish to be known by in the debate. Other fields in this window should be ignored. Click on Connect. (Note: Unix users only should click on "Unix").

Once connected, a blue window will open automatically, followed by a green window. The blue window is essential; it may be minimised but not closed.

The green window is your debate window. If it doesn't appear, exit by closing the blue window and repeat the above. The green window's main area displays the debate in progress. On the right hand side will be the name of participants - including yours.

How to ask a question

In the right hand column of the green window you will find a participant named QUESTIONS. Any question for the celebrity guest must go via this participant.

Click on QUESTIONS and a yellow window will appear. Within this window, select the button marked PrivMsg (ignore the others) and a red window will appear. Type your question in the bottom field and hit the return key.

Your question will be sent to the celebrity guest and then posted with any response for all participants to see.

You may also communicate privately with