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The list is made up of...269 men, 231 women

The top 5

Dr Cosmo Arendts
Bio energy; E$901.2bn
The head of fusion leaders Artemis Industries shot on to the list three years ago at 51. He looks set to stay: fusion's future is limitless.

Philip De Ville
Software; E$501bn
The 52-year-old head of Allens Int developed the contact lens to replace the computer screen. He has a 51% stake in the system, franchised worldwide.

Piara Zanoon
Chem-retail; E$500bn
Zanoon, 59, built her fortune on the DIY colonic irrigation kit. Sales were boosted by scandals over preservatives and clever marketing of the kit as a prevention against disease.

Zen Armstrong
Net security; E$427.5bn
Armstrong, 51, specialises in coun