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Commuters run into old buffers

14.04.27: THE PINSTRIPE CLUB finally disbanded today when London's tiny surviving group of daily rail commuters met for the last time at Charing Cross.

Isambard Kingdom Yousuf of Eurotrak (England & Wales) plc presented a Yellow Box route monitor to the club's chairman, Jim Barrington Dolby, whose retirement marks the end of an era.

The final blow came when the English branch of Eurobank released its staff from the requirement of daily attendance at the desking centre.

Barrington Dolby, who had travelled daily from the suburbs since 1984, when Eurobank was still known as Barclays, said: 'The old days were hard but there was a sense of comradeship in the queues and packed trains. Now people sit at home and see colleagues only on screens. I'm glad to be getting out.' RG