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You look just dynamite, darling

24.10.34: A NEW STUDY has revealed an explosive approach to staying young: taking regular doses of nitroglycerine, the chemical once used to make dynamite.

Over a 20-year period, 1,000 patients were given the nitroglycerine-based drug Oxivite. It was found that those taking part in the trial suffered far less from inflammatory diseases, such as arthritis, and lived far longer than was typical for their age group.

The makers, the international biotech company NBT, had hoped to persuade the former actress Kate Moss to take part in new trials of the compound, with a view to becoming its global face when it is launched in two or three years' time. But Moss, 60, who was a supermodel at the turn of the century, has recently become a Buddhist and prefers, she says, "to age naturally".

Moss did, however, endorse the anti-ageing drug Elixir, which she is thought to have been using since it was introduced on to the market in 2015.

Oxivite is not, in fact, a pharmaceutical drug. Dr Pietro Churniewicz, of the William Harvey Research Institute in London, explains how it works: "We age because our antio