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Plug pulled on soap star

01.01.29: MILLY, the entertaining subject of her own fly-on-the-wall documentary diary, is fading from our television screens exactly 29 years after every last detail of her life became common knowledge.

Born just past midnight on millennium morning, Milly was seen first in the tabloid newspapers. In 2000 her parents signed a television deal with the producers of Milly's World, screened on EuroChannel 8.

Milly and her amoral family were dream docu-soap material, the embodiment of genetically linked crime. Viewers helped with the search for her father after it was revealed that Milly's mum, Eva, had conceived her using sperm from a donor bank. They watched as half-brother Jack's DNA profile revealed he was almost uneducable.

With the channel open after each episode to allow viewers to vote, Milly became a spectator sport. Now it's time to say goodbye. The first producer, Phil Danziger, 75, decreed that the final programme should be broadcast on her 29th birthday. It was left to Milly, living in an all-female household with her children, to close matters with one of her unrepeatable soundbites. CS



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