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Camilla 'baby' story leaves egg on royal watcher's face

21.02.04: BUCKINGHAM PALACE is said to be 'furious' with recent tabloid newspaper reports that described Camilla Parker Bowles as 'undergoing egg donation treatment' at the exclusive Waverley fertility clinic in London.

The papers published front page photographs of Parker Bowles, 55, taken outside the renowned clinic, apparently using a scarf to disguise herself. Their reports also noted that egg donation is now growing in popularity among older women who are remarrying and want a second family. One royal correspondent even quoted friends of Parker Bowles as saying: "Camilla longs for a baby."

In apologies published yesterday, the papers have admitted that Parker Bowles was in fact visiting her dentist, whose practice is in the same block as the fertility clinic.

It was also acknowledged that the "baby" quot