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An equitable king

01.02.15: CHARLES III was crowned yesterday, promising to be the People's King.

In a ceremony that departed radically in substance, if not in style, from previous coronations, he said he would create a monarchy that could help the poorest in society ­ with help from the richest.

It was an emotionally charged event in which Charles paid tribute to the inspiration of Diana, Princess of Wales. He was watched by Princess Camilla, the princess consort, and his sons, Prince William and Harry Windsor.

Also gathered at the ceremony were members of the government and leaders of industry and the charity world. They had been brought together to symbolise Charles's pluralistic vision.

Before the coronation, a spokesman for the King's Trust revealed that Charles had been in negotiation with the government to look at ways of boosting investment in the charity to help the underprivileged. He had ruled out nothing in his bid to boost funds.

The King was said to be in favour of unravelling the complex fiscal arrangements between crown and state in order to release capital to fund a secret "caring" business venture. Profits would be pumped into expansion plans for the charity. Charles's ultimate ambition is said to be a public flotation to release shares in such a company ­ offering his subjects a stake in his community initiative.

His proposals were said to have the blessing of the former Queen Elizabeth, who was making her first public appearance since her abdication in 2013.

The Westminster Abbey ceremony also marked a significant departure from tradition. It featured a performance by the Three Degrees, King Charles's favourite pop group (though only two members of the band were present), and the abbey choir was later accompanied by the Royal English Opera Orchestra.

The King, aged 66, was crowned by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Cardinal-Archbishop of Westminster, who were assisted for the first time by the heads of the other four established English churches, the Chief Rabbi, the Chief Imam and Hindu and Sikh leaders.

The palace also confirmed that the investiture of Prince William as the Prince of Wa