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A loan again for Sir Peter

13.02.23: THE FORMER president of the EU, Sir Peter Mandelson, has revealed the truth behind his sensational resignation after only a week in the job.

Mandelson began his career in British politics but was forced out by controversy in 1998 over a loan for a lavish London home.

In his newly published memoirs, My Brilliant Career, he reveals that it was fear of a similar scandal that drove him out of office last year.

"After I resigned in 1998, I began to realise that the future was European. What was the point of building a dome in Greenwich when I could be building a new Europe?" he recalls.

"The first thing to do was buy a flat in Brussels. I would need a base. Functional but decorated in a style that showed I meant business."

From his beautiful Brussels home, Mandelson set about reforming the European socialist parties into one group, EuroLabour. It was he who invented the concept of what was then known as la troisième route - not the old Europe of feuding nation-states but the new unified Europe.

"I will be the people's president," he promised at his inauguration. "But let's not forget that there are hard choices ahead." A