Chronicle of the Future Millennium Experience
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Millenium Experience

Located on the Prime Meridian - longitude zero - Greenwich in London is the world's official timekeeper, marking the turning of the earth and the passing of the hours, days and years.

Soon Greenwich will be marking the most significant turning point of the modern age: the arrival of the new millennium. So it is only fitting that Greenwich should be the setting for the Dome, the centrepiece of the most spectacular and ambitious programme of millennium celebrations in the world.

This awesome construction, the largest of its kind in the world, is over one kilometre in circumference and covers over 80,000 square metres.

The Dome is supported by 43 miles of high-strength cable that holds up 100,000 square metres of fabric.

The translucent roof is 50 metres high at the centre and strong enough to support a jumbo jet.

The Dome could contain two Wembley Stadiums or the Eiffel