The top 5 books

There's Hope for the Old Dog Yet
Elliot Mowbray
We are invited to celebrate the diversity of life that still exists on Earth

Noble Monsters
Holly Hart
A tribute to the Walden Pond Project, which takes 'monsters' from Third World birthing labs and moulds them into fine citizens

Ralph Postle
Top astrophysicist claims the ET signal is proof of alien life in another galaxy

My Parallel Life
Ian Carter
An imaginary autobiography that traces the life Carter would have had if he had retained his original DNA

Delia Unplugged
Collection of Delia's open-fire, spit-roast favourites

The top 5 toys

explore the Red Planet with VR goggles. Force feedback gloves let you pick up rocks

play basketball with a 3-D Michael Jordan

it looks like a conventional kite, but has no string and doesn't need wind - controllable air-jets keep it afloat

Real Muppets
get help with homework or play with a 2ft-high walking, talking Kermit or Miss Piggy

Noughts & crosses
3-D version of a firm favourite

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