Chronicle of the Future Biographies
  From here to absurdity : one teenager records the third millennium

Extract from March 14, 2002

Extract from March 7, 2002

Extract from February 21, 2002

Extract from February 14, 2002

Extract from February 7, 2002

February 28, 2002

My dad is fond of saying: "When I was your age..." Which is a cue for him to jump on his latest hobby horse. At the moment it's the number of computer terminals we have in our house. Is four excessive? I don't think so, when you think that we're all engaged in different activities, like working, shopping, talking, doing homework etc. He thinks I should be doing something "healthy" like playing sport or searching for extra terrestrial life rather than sitting glued to my screen for hours on end having long conversations with various cyber friends.

But ho-hum, here I am again, and while I'm on the subject, it's beginning to dawn on me how much you know about me and how little I know about you. So tell me: Who are you? I'd love to know your thoughts on the future and I'll report back and