Chronicle of the Future Biographies
  From here to absurdity : one teenager records the third millennium

Extract from March 14, 2002

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March 7, 2002

I can hardly believe how many of you time travellers from 1999 have e-mailed me. I don't even mind you calling me Phoebs - is this a 1990s Friends thing? Anyway, you are so clever, I've decided to incorporate some of you into this column, so here we go...

Yes, of course we have virtual reality at home - I mean, how do you do your homework without a cybermate? Some of you, including Mike Channel asked why I don't go on Moon holidays, but honestly, would you visit Los Lunos, with so many space pirates about? And as for lunar guys, YUK! They're all GM mutants.

Seetal Parbary sug