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It's Torquay or bust

07.01.46: THE GLOBAL media giant Worldwide Mickey has announced a multi-billion deal with the fast-growing live-events group One Planet Actual Entertainments, to turn Torquay into the world's richest entertainment and gambling centre.

It reflects the move away from screen-based virtual entertainments to "actual" performances with actors, singers and musicians performing live, without electronic enhancement or animation, in the same room as the audience.

Critics predict that the fashion will be temporary, but John-Paul Bhaskar, One Planet's president, remains confident. "People are desperate for human contact," he said, "and our plans for Torquay reflect that need."

Though they will embody the latest voltaic and aquasave technology, Torquay's new hotels will recall the heyday of Las Vegas and Monte Carlo. Played in small groups, the games of "actual" blackjack, pok