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Welcome to the future

In bringing you tomorrow's news today, we have mapped a path from the already familiar landscape of life in 2000 through to the uncharted territories of 2050.

Your guides are scientists and experts whose ground-breaking work is already creating the new millennium. We do not have a crystal ball, but the research, intuition and imagination of today's leading minds can help us look into the future. At times we may appear irreverent - but never malicious.

Our vision is bold. History teaches us that it must be. Few could have predicted the impact of the first moon landing; the fall of communism; the advent of the pill or the Internet. The next five weeks will sometimes amuse, occasionally disturb, but always keep you thinking.

Cathy Galvin, editor

Appleyard's Millenium
On the threshold of a new millennium, Bryan Appleyard asks the questions: Who are we? Where are we going? How will we get there? And what will we be when we arrive?

In This Decade

IN THIS decade, medical and health innovations result in ever increasing life expectancies as malaria claims its last ever victim, cancer and heart disease rarely reach an advanced stage and household screens allow patients to be treated in the home.

Extraterrestrial broadcasts tell us we are no longer alone and Eden, the earth-like planet, is investigated further. Space piracy takes a leap backwards as the most notorious space pirate is captured.

Virtual reality continues to dominate the entertainment and leisure industries and cloning and gene alteration lead to 'super-human' traits for many. A computer worn in the ear translates any language being spoken, opening the pathways of communication for many.

King William's early retirement clears the way for Diana to be proclaimed Queen of England and religious conflicts are put to history as the Ten Universal Commandments are unveiled.

Finally, a return to traditions as couples adopt a 20-year wedding term rather than the standard 10-year contract and nostalgia makes a come-back in both the automotive and fashion industries.

Chronicle of the Future 5

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