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Millennium Experience

The millennium is not just a moment of Greenwich Mean Time, it's a state of mind, a unique opportunity for us all to see things differently, to think differently and act differently.

That's why the Millennium Experience has created a National Programme of events and activities to get everyone in the UK involved in celebrating the turn of the next millennium.

In organising the National Programme, NMEC is investing in more than the Dome. From now until 2001 you will be able to take part in a nationally organised programme of events delivered by NMEC, its sponsors and partners.

The challenge is to give everyone the chance to enjoy and feel part of the UK's official millennium celebrations and for these events and activities to then be showcased in the Dome.

Projects will be wide ranging, encourage creativity and sport and renew our sense of community. Some will focus on the environment, others on our heritage, but all will be enjoyable.

A key part of the National Programme will focus on education. It aims to make learning fun and enjoyable, for children and adults alike, by taking education beyond the traditional classroom environment and into the wider community.

Plans for new events and activities are being put in place every day and by the year 2000 there will be something for everyone, everywhere in the UK to get involved in.

In addition, the 11 lottery distributors of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and NMEC have set up the Millennium Festival to provide financial support for national, regional and local community celebrations throughout the UK.

It will give everyone the opportunity to mark the millennium in their own way and help to create lasting benefits for their communities.

To find out more about how you can take part in the national millennium celebrations, visit the official Millennium Experience website at