Chronicle of the Future Millennium Experience
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Millenium Experience

Large enough to house 18,000 double decker buses, the Dome will contain 14 zones where you can explore and discover more about who we are, how we work, relax, play and live together. All the awe-inspiring zones will be a showcase for what we can expect to discover in the future.

Everyday, there will be up to five live shows at the very heart of the Dome - the central arena. A breath-taking spectacular that will reach new heights, featuring great music, stunning visual effects and a cast of up to 200 performers.

The Millennium Show has been jointly created by Mark Fisher and Peter Gabriel and is a dramatic love story about the transcendent reunion of a boy of dreams and a girl of action driven apart by a family feud. The story is an allegory of the relationship between humankind, nature and technology.

The Dome Ensemble Company will consist of up to 160 performers, divided into two casts. On stage at any one time will be 60 performers including soloists. 90 young people are currently being trained by Circus Space in a range of aerial and acrobatic skills to enable them to perform at heights o