Chronicle of the Future Millennium Experience
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Millennium Experience

The National Programme of events is being designed to enable every person in the UK to celebrate the millennium with education as one of the key themes.

Our Official Sponsors and Partners have developed innovative and wide-ranging education projects that have received positive responses from schools and education institutes across the country.

Tesco SchoolNet 2000 is enabling children to create the biggest and most exciting schools' educational website in the world for the millennium. The building of this 'treasure chest' of children's ideas and discoveries about life in the UK and a picture of how they see life in the new millennium began last autumn. This ambitious project will go live to the nation in the Learn zone of the Dome in January 2000.

McDonald's Our Town Story will make it possible for communities across the country to celebrate their special identity at the dawn of the new millennium. Every day during the year 2000 each of our villages, towns and cities will get a chance to put on a show in the Dome telling its own story to the thousands of visitors coming to the Dome.

Marks and Spencer has developed Voices of Promise, part of its wider Children's Promise, a celebration of musical talent in schools t